Protect yourself from cyber attacks
Protect yourself from cyber attacks

We want to show you 10 Tips to protect yourself from cyber attacks In the digital world, there are many ways to be affected by malicious users who want to disturb our websites.

It is very important that you take the tips that we will indicate in this article into account if you want to avoid being a victim of these cyber attacks that occur daily.

At the end of our article, I will recommend you topics related to the Tips that we indicate in case you have doubts about what it is and how else you can protect your website and information.


What are the 10 Tips to protect yourself from cyber attacks?



It is essential to make frequent backups because if you are affected by a cyber attacks you are thankful to have a BackUp of your information. Having a service that offers storage for our information in the cloud is a great advantage since there is always a risk that hard drives fail.

Antimalware protect cyber attacks:

Antimalware protect cyber attacks
Antimalware protect cyber attacks

It works in almost the same way as an antivirus, the only difference is that the antimalware identifies malware sent through emails.

For example, you receive an email with an attachment or link, the antimalware warns you from potential malware in the email.

After being installed, these programs automatically scan your mails for malware.

Password security:

Password security protect cyber attacks
Password security

Having simple passwords can also be very risky, especially if you use the same password for different websites.

By using uppercase, lowercase, number and symbol passwords, malicious users have difficulties figuring them out. It is advisable that all the passwords you use are different and follow these criteria.

Software Updates:

Software Updates Internet protect cyber attacks
Software Updates

The technology has advanced so much that you no longer have to worry about updates anymore because most programs these days update themselves automatically.

Thanks to the updates made in search engines and programs, we don’t have to worry about cyber attacks, since each update brings new scripts to stop viruses.

Antivirus protect cyber attacks:

Antivirus + Firewall protect cyber attacks
Antivirus protect cyber attacks

It is important to protect the computers that you use on a day to day basis with an antivirus. This helps to identify malicious code hidden in files.

It is necessary to verify the functioning of the antivirus that you install in your computer. This prevents malicious users from connecting to your computer and controlling it, with the Firewall barrier it will be impossible for them to enter your computer.

Content manager:

Content Management System
Content Management System

If you have your website created by a content manager such as Joomla, WordPress, or Drupal, it is very important to always have the latest version of these content managers.

With the latest versions, you will have the certainty of having what the developers have implemented to improve security. Keep in mind to save the plugins you have installed.

Email security:

Email security
Email security not SPAM

You must be very cautious about the mails you receive. Validate that they are mails that exist and are well written. The main medium for hackers to interfere with your files and manage your computer is through emails.

Merely opening the email or clicking on a link can be enough for hackers to gain access to your personal information. These emails can also cause phishing, therefore, prompting Google to rate your website as insecure.

SSL Certificates protect cyber attacks:

SSL Certificates protect cyber attacks
SSL Certificates protect cyber attacks

For greater security on the Internet, we suggest using this service since it certifies your domain shielding it from viruses, making it a safer website for users.

In addition to protecting your website, certify your emails. You will not receive emails containing warnings or threats to pay money or ones claiming that your information is in danger.

If you choose to purchase this service, there is no need to worry about these threats or warnings on the Internet, since the SSL certificate does everything for you automatically.


Downloads in websites with SSL certificates protect cyber attacks
Downloads in websites with SSL certificates

You must be very cautious in the pages where you make frequent downloads such as music, applications, files, games and others because sometimes malicious files can come with the download.

Image codes:

reCAPTCHA protect cyber attacks
reCAPTCHA protect cyber attacks

If you have forms on your website it is convenient to use image codes i.e. captchas as reCaptcha. This checks whether it is a natural person or a malicious user to using malicious codes to damage or access your information.






To avoid cyber attacks on the Internet it is appropriate to follow these Tips to protect yourself from cyber attacks. If you take these tips into consideration it is 100% likely not to suffer from malicious code, threats, warnings, and especially loss of information on your computers or websites.


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