.com domains will no longer be leaders

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.com domains will no longer be leaders

.com domains will no longer be leaders because the Internet wants to implement new TLDs (Top Level Domain) that are easy to understand and that relate to what we are looking for on the web.

Ever since the Internet exists we have had could easily access the information we require by adding all the tools that over time have proven valuable.

But what has this given us? But why will .com domains no longer be the leaders? The Internet is constantly progressing and becoming simpler to use every day. I will explain what kind of new implementations we will experience.


Why won’t .com domains be leaders anymore?

The .com leadership is coming to an end due to newer extensions that make the search for specific information easier.

More and more TLDs will come out that categorize websites. For example if your website is about toy sales, there will be an extension that is .toys. This will be the case for every category.

This will not only help a user find information faster and have a more comfortable digital experience, but these extensions will also be of great benefit to websites that want to position themselves on the Internet.



Of course the main question we have ask ourselves is: What will the levels of the domains be like? Will there be a fourth level? We know that the 3 levels TLD (Top Level Domain) that exist are: Generic (gTLD), Territorial (ccTLD) and Sponsored (sTLD). A 4 would be added with the new TLDs.


Top Level Domain




We can see how .com domains will no longer be leaders since the new TLDs offer many more benefits both for users looking for information and for those who make these sites. When registering a domain only look for an extension related to the topic of your website.

The new extensions give better positioning because when choosing a domain that relates to your Google site and other browsers, you are likely to have a better position. Perhaps in the not too distant future, it will not be complicated to position your website with the new TLDs.


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