How to connect your website to Google services

Google services

Connect your website with Google services and tools

As you know, Google offers a large number of services that can have many functions for our website, but many will wonder, how do I connect my website to free Google services?

In this article, we will show you how you can use the free services and tools that Google offers you. We’ll also give you some tips on how to optimize your website.


What are Google services about and what are they for?

The services offered by Google allow you to track, calculate and provide information about your customers, all in relation to your website. In addition, you can also gain insights on the data from your competitors or other websites.

You can highly benefit from the tools that Google provides and improve the growth and optimization of your website.

Google Analytics
How connect Google services like Google Analytics

Among the services that Google offers, we find Google Analytics and Google Search Console. With the data of the analysis you get from these tools you can optimize your digital marketing strategies for the growth of your website.

Google Analytics:

It is good to know what happens on our website. Google Analytics provides analysis and a report on how many people visit our page per day, week or month.
Google analytics allows you to make an analysis of all the details you want to know about your website, such as the number of visits you have received in a certain timeframe, the time a user spends on your website, the sections of interest, and other helpful insights.

With the results from these reports, you can develop strategies to have a good presence on the Internet. Here are some tips on how to make good use of your data.

  • Send email campaigns
  • Have a strategy to improve SEO
  • Interact in social networks
  • Implement Adwords campaigns

How does your website connect to Google Analytics?

Use the following steps to connect to Google Analytics:

  1. You must register with Google Analytics
  2. You must add the property, i.e. the name of your domain
  3. Choose a verification method

These are the main steps, but we have taken the time to find the Google Analytics configuration steps, click HERE to see them.

Google Search Console:

Google Search Console
Google Search Console or Webmaster Tools

This tool is based on giving you an analysis to validate the positioning of your website. It helps you check whether the changes you make to your website are valid thereby helping you to have a better position on the Internet.

Its main function is to optimize, analyze, crawl, index and check that your website is found followed by a place on Google.

Connecting Google Search Console is similar to connecting Google Analytics. You must first have an account to perform the corresponding process. By clicking HERE you can see how to link your site with this tool and by clicking HERE you can connect the Google Search Console data to Google Analytics.




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