Recommendations for Content Managers

Recommendations to Content Managers

Recommendations and avoid attacks for Content Managers

As we know, a content manager is a tool whose function is to design your website with simple methods, without needing to use computers. We want to give you some recommendations for content managers.

The recommendations that we want to give you should encourage you to make good use to CMS and we also want to help you avoid the attacks on content managers that occur daily.


Recommendations to avoid attacks in content managers:

We have several articles on our blog that talk about the importance of security on the internet, especially if you have a website with a lot of data at risk.

    • It is vital to have a secure password that includes a combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, signs and numbers. This will make it difficult for the malicious user to intercept your CMS.
    • It’s also a good idea to change this password once a month.
    • Having an uncommon user such as “admin” is quite beneficial. Content managers that have a usual user are easy for malicious users to attack.
    • The moment you install your content manager it is essential to install security plugins such as Wordfence for WordPress that prevent the interception of malicious users.
    • The use of webmaster tools helps you receive alerts from your Google search engine website.
    • You should always keep your content manager updated.
    • It’s good to have the latest version of third party themes.
    • It is important that you take into account where you download files; you should check that they are from safe and legitimate sites.
    • If you have implemented forms on your web page, it is convenient that you introduce captchas in your forms.
    • Performing an analysis of your content managers is a good way to become aware of any vulnerabilities they bring.
    • It is advisable to have a recognized content manager. Here are the most common ones: WordPress, Drupal, Prestshop, Joomla Opencart and Magento. These are some of the best-known managers. They have a very reliable service, as there are others that can be challenging to communicate with.


These are some of the recommendations for content managers that you should take into account to avoid cyber attacks and problems such as Phishing or other vulnerabilities that affect your website, emails or your operating system.


Security for CMS
Security CMS aviod Phishing



It is important that you follow these recommendations for content managers because at the moment the insecurity on the Internet is constantly increasing and it is very likely to have vulnerabilities with CMS that affect all your services on the Internet and often times also the information on your computer.


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