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URL shortener

Google’s URL shortener will be replaced by another Google tool. This great tool will complete its cycle on May 30, 2018. Read about the reasons for why it was cancelled and the tools you can use instead.

What is the URL shortener and what is it for?

The URL Shortener is a tool that, as its name indicates, shortens the URLs, so that they are friendly. That is to say, URL’s that are easy to understand and they provide information about the topic and where it is located.

This tool, besides helping you to choose a friendly URL, ensures a better positioning in the web, because it is more understandable for users and Google is giving priority to these sites because it is more comfortable for users.

URL shortner

Google URL shortener

What is the URL?

The abbreviation of a URL means Uniform Resource Locator which means that it is a system for locating documents and information.

The URL shortener what it does is to make friendly URLs which are those that describe the content of the web page to which they lead.

Advantages of the URL Shortener

  • They are easy to understand
  • One of its great advantages is that they improve web positioning
  • provide information on where they are located
  • Are much more aesthetic to share with many users by any means of communication
  • Are used on dynamic websites i.e. they are not static

Parts of a URL

Parts of a URL

Structure of a URL

This is why friendly URLs are used more than extensive ones. The URL shortener tool helps a lot with the associated terms of SEO and web positioning.

Example of an extensive URL and a friendly URL

Extensive URL:…..

Friendly URL: or


Which tool can I use now?

Google answered as a first step that this tool was going to be replaced by Firebase Dynamic Links (FDL). FDLs are smart URLs that can be sent to existing and potential users from any location on all mobile devices or websites.

URL Shortener Tool

Furthermore, Google said that tools such as Bitly and can be used for the time being because, after March 30, 2019, Google’s URL shortener ( will completely close both registered users who are registered with a Google account and those who are not.

What else will change with the cancellation of the URL shortener?

In addition to using other tools that perform the same function, there is another factor to take into account and is that the information will not be automatically migrated to the Firebase console (FDL), this means that this process must be done manually by exporting the information from the console.

The cancellation of the URL shortener is due to the fact that the Internet evolves more every day than we imagine. Google believes that this tool will no longer be so vital as there are tools that offer the same service, which is why they thought of FDL.



The URL shortener will be cancelled by Google being replaced by a tool that allows you to send URLs to all users, as long as they have a mobile device or have access to the Internet.

On the other hand, there will be tools like Bitly and that have the same function of shortening the URL’S, with all the tools that the Internet provides daily you will not be left without tools for your website to have more power on the Internet.


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