Meta descriptions help your SEO
Meta descriptions influence your SEO

Usually, when we are searching for information, the first thing we observe are the meta descriptions of the websites. When we see that the subject is related to our search we enter the web page to read more.

The meta descriptions are a small summary of 150 or 160 characters explaining what your website is about. In that small space, you must add a striking paragraph with a good choice of words for users to find and enter your website.

The information that is added in the meta descriptions is used by Internet search engines to categorize the theme of your page by simplifying the subject matter of your website.


How are meta descriptions created?

There are 2 ways to create meta descriptions, one of them being HTML code. When you are developing your web page by HTML, you will notice that a code will appear that says the following: <meta name=”description” content=.

The space between quotes is where we add the description that is going to be added to your web site and that will be reflected in the Internet search engines.

The other way to create them is through a content manager (CMS). This option is easier if you do not understand programming codes. In the content manager, you can find out where to add the meta description.


How do meta descriptions for SEO help?

Meta descriptions that meet the requirements and are appealing to the public will get more clicks, visits, and users who share through social networks or emails.

In this process, a type of chain is formed that is strengthened over time and helps the growth of SEO for your website. That is how meta descriptions help for web positioning in the browsers where they visit your website.

It is for this reason that we want to give you some tips to help you make a meta description that helps the SEO of your page, making it appealing to users.


Meta Descriptions more SEO
Priority for meta descriptions

Tips to make meta descriptions eye-catching:


  • Remember that meta descriptions must be unique. You should not copy from others you see on the Internet. This can be classified as plagiarism, which would make browsers position your website very low.
  • You can not write more than the established characters, as the browsers vary. Usually, they are between 150 – 160.
  • Avoid quotation marks if you don’t have a lot of programming knowledge.
  • If your website is a virtual store, indicate that you have a promotion or discount this way users will also consider clicking.
  • Keep in mind that for every Click that users make to your website you gain more positioning on the Internet.
  • The choice of letters in meta descriptions is very important. It is not advisable to use capital letters if you do not have to add them just to make your description different, as this would not help much.
  • It is vital that the meta descriptions are summarized, easy to understand, and eye-catching. In that small paragraph, you have a few characters to attract attention and express in a few words what the user will find on your website.
  • It’s important to keep in mind that in the titles you add on your website, whether it’s a digital store or blog, the keywords will be the main objective throughout the meta-description process.
  • In meta descriptions is advisable not to duplicate words or texts because by doing so you do not make a point, you are only be filling space.


Meta tags VS. Meta descriptions

These two tools are very useful when positioning your website. I will explain the function of each of them and talk about their differences.

Meta tags:

Meta tags
Meta tags help your page

In the process of developing your website, you must add keywords that help a user when adding a word to search engines to lead to your website.

For example, if your website is about selling chicks, the keyword is “selling chicks”. The user will put in the search engine “buy chicks” he will get many pages related to chicks. Within those pages, yours will appear but the user will click on the website that is the most appealing.

Meta tags are a great help for users who are looking for fast information. Therefore it is important to include that in the development of your website, as it improves the traffic of our website and of course, gives you privileges in the positioning of browsers on the Internet.


Meta descriptions:

Meta description
Meta descriptions

As I mentioned before, Meta descriptions are a small summary of what our website is about while simultaneously making it eye-catching encouraging users to share your website through social networks or other social media. This is how you get Clicks and visits.



Having an idea of ​​the great benefits that the meta descriptions give you, you can take great advantage of our Tips for the SEO of your website improve and that Google of priority to your site.


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