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Advantages of using Mailing and its main function

Here we bring you a new article with another tool for sending e-mails. This tool is known as mailing. It allows you to send massive advertising campaigns without being classified as a SPAMMER.

What is Mailing and what is it for?

It is a method that enables you to send communications or information from anywhere in the world to whatever number of users you want. You can personalize the emails, that is if the information deals with a specific topic or you want to send a group of users different communications.

Remember that you must always be clear about the strategy you are going to use when using a tool such as Mailing since not all tools function in the same way. Here are some differences in email marketing for you to analyze a good advertising strategy.


Differences between mailing and email marketing

Mailing, mass mailing
    • Email marketing is responsible for sending emails to your potential or current customers. The content may contain news or promotions among others, in order to give confidence to customers and loyalty with the company.
    • Mailing is used to gain publicity by means of emails but mass emails can be sent to ensure maximum engagement.
    • The mail, as well as the subject, should be eye-catching so that users are interested.
    • Use a different strategy to mailing since its purpose is to seek a loyalty with customers and find how to attract powerful customers
    • The mailing should not be confused with SPAM since the users who receive this advertising or communication are people who accepted and agreed that they want to receive emails by filling out a form on the internet.


Additional information about the mailing

By working with some of this data you can think of a strategy that helps you with the development. It is very important that you take into account the differences when developing your strategy.

Mailing is not SPAM because SPAM-mails are unwanted emails. It is for this reason that all the emails have a predetermined folder for unwanted emails to be archived.

It should be kept mind that some mails that are classified as SPAM are not always spam. There are some IP-addresses of the providers’ servers who offer this service that do not have a good reputation or even get categorized as SPAM. This makes your emails lose reputation and always arrive as SPAM.



We must have a very clear message in our mass mailings because the mailing is about being clear, accurate and understandable to achieve its purpose which is to reach potential customers, build loyalty of your current customers and send advertising in a massive way looking to reach the highest number of users possible.


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