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Challenges of financial systems with new technologies

We know that the digital world is constantly changing, which means that the financial system is on par with new technologies helping to optimize the processes of various companies generating comfort for consumers.

Internet access with intelligent devices is one of the great tools that help the financial system with new technologies. Sandbox, Blockchain, crowdfunding, and others that are of great help to companies and users who enjoy it.


What are the new technologies about?

Transactions new technologies
New technologies for the financial systems

We have realized that new technologies have been of great help not only for users but also for companies that use it. But as the financial system reacts to new technologies, are they becoming easier to implement?

It is important to note that as soon as we start implementing the new technologies in our financial systems, security and confidence will have a high priority for the user.


What are the new technologies looking for the financial systems?

Companies that wish to adjust new technologies to their financial systems must recognize that they must strengthen the infrastructure and understanding the of the scheme. If they do so, we would see the new technologies as allies of users and companies.



Financial technology Fintech

With the models presented by financial technologies (Fintech), greater progress can be gained with the participation of financial entities. Startup is about the innovation of technologies that take a great part of the services market, offering comfort to the users.

Fintech is one of the technologies that has developed more financial services for payments, remittances, loans, transfers than any other company. This is why it is one of the technologies that financial systems should implement.




Transactional security
New Technologies Blockchain

Blockchain is another of the new technology that automatically and independently helps users perform transactional operations. The difference is that there is no need for someone to control the system because the users themselves perform their operations and they validate which transactions accept or deny.

Smarts Contracts:


 new technology financial Smarts Contracs
Technology Smart contracts

Smart Contracts acts autonomously and automatically while enabling the public to see your entire system clearly without putting the information of registered users at risk.

Smarts Contracts has constituted a type of rules that must be fulfilled at the moment of having this technology since it is a digital contract.




Just by naming these 3 new technologies, we realize the great challenges that financial systems face for the implementation.

These systems are transparent, which means that malicious users will find it difficult to intervene because the computer code used in programming will make it difficult for them to intervene.

This suggests that users who use these new technologies can be reassured to have a system that backs them up and gives them certainty that their information will not be at risk and neither will the transactional processes that they carry out.


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