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Benefits of SSL for Your Website

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Page safe with SSL certificate

In this article, we will explain what an SSL Certificate is, what it’s for and the importance of having one for the websites you manage. Let’s start by explaining what SSL stands for. SSL is short for “Secure Socket Layer”, which is a security protocol that allows data to be transferred securely so that it can be connected to a server. When you obtain an SSL certificate the URL of your page will change, it will no longer be HTTP but https which means secure hypertext transfer protocol. This protocol encrypts the user connection and the website.

What is an SSL certificate for?

One of its main functions is to protect the website to prevent malicious users from modifying, deleting and stealing information from a web page. This gives greater confidence to users who visit the site, as there will be no risk that the public will be affected by a possible virus when entering an unsecured website.
With the https protocol, your website will be protected as there will be no interception of third parties with the data sent and received.

Why is an SSL certificate so important?

Obtaining an SSL certificate will avoid the risk that the website will be attacked and that is not reliable for a user to add their data in a form such as your name, last name, personal mail, credit cards to make transactions. Since the data is encrypted, this communication will only be from the server and the user will have more certainty that their data is not exposed.

The HTTPS protocol (Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol) encrypts the connection of the user who is adding data to the web page. This makes it much more difficult for malicious users to intercede in the information on a web page.

Malware protection SSL certificate

Security with SSL certificate

In addition to providing protection and security, it also improves the ranking in search engines making your site reliable for users who visit. Google gives more priority and better positioning to pages that use the HTTPS protocol.

There are certificates that are not only to protect a website, but also subdomains and emails. Subdomains are the subpages or subfolders that point to the main folder of the domain where the contracted hosting is located.

This type of certificate is called TLS and it offers you protection for the emails. This protocol encrypts the information sent and received avoiding the transfer of SPAM. The verification in two steps not only gives security to the email accounts of your company but also to all the sites that you access.

Security in internet browsing

Secure connection with SSL certificates

How to identify a secure page?

Identifying a secure website is very simple, you only have to see if it has a padlock or HTTPS. The “S” means “secure” site. If it doesn’t have these two characteristics, it has the HTTP protocol that means that the page is not secure. In this image, you will understand a little more how you will be able to identify from now on the safe sites and the not safe sites.


Unsafe page Http – Secure page Https

Only by acquiring an SSL certificate can the information be encrypted; the information is encrypted in services or devices. This allows only authorized users to access certain data.

Google marks the pages as unsafe by removing several of the privileges mentioned above for not obtaining an SSL certificate. This measure has been implemented since 2017 in order to prevent malicious users from abusing the information on websites. It also prevents ads such as “unsecured page” or phishing when entering a web page.


Types of SSL Certificates

There are several types of certificates, there are several that protect only one domain or several subdomains. Click Panda offers you four plans where you will find different functions to incorporate them into your project. Here are some facts about these plans.

Comfortable Positive SSL -> Offers you great security for your website, just certify a domain or a subdomain. Its encryption level is 128 BTS

COMODO -> Your website will be very secure with the highest levels, you also receive additional tools that will gain the trust of your customers. With this plan, you can certify a single domain. Its encryption level is 256 BTS.

Positive SSL Wildcard -> Allows you to certify 1 domain and several subdomains. Its encryption level is 2048

EV -> Secure site seal, its encryption level is 20148 BTS. Includes acceleration of the loading of SSL pages for better performance of the website. In addition to certifying the main domain, it certifies that the company exists. It is considered as the certificate with security level giving confidence to the user who hires it and the user who visits the page.


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