Priority to websites worked with SEO

Even though many are familiar with SEO, most people lack a proper understanding of its function and importance. This article will shed some light on this marketing tool.

You’ve probably wondered why your website is not among the first search results, or how can you make your site more recognizable. We will show you how SEO improves your Website ranking.

What does SEO mean?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. `In more detail, it involves optimization and positioning in search engines, therefore, guaranteeing a better position in the search results. Search engines store the most relevant information on the Internet. Based on this information, the search engine selects the websites that match the search best.

If by any chance you have heard of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) you should know that it is not the same as SEO since SEM focuses on marketing promotion for your website. Also, SEM can cost you money.

SEO Search Engine Optimization
Priority to websites worked with SEO

What is SEO for?

This technique is implemented for the improvement of a website. Its main function as mentioned above is to give a notable position in Internet browsers.

SEO is a very important practice for the growth of a website. By not implementing the various tools that internet and browsers like Google you are missing out on a lot of potential value.


What is the difference between SEO and CEO?

As I explained in this article you already know that SEO is the optimization of search engines to help the growth and positioning of your website in Internet browsers.

CEO Chief Executive Officer translated into means executive director. As you can see it has no relation to the digital world because it is up to the executive director to control and manage a company.


Main differences
Difference among SEO and CEO


It is a technique that seeks the same as SEO but this focuses more on promoting a website through advertising with marketing strategies. For Utilizing an SEM technique you must invest a little money because the ads implemented as Google Adwords aren’t free.

In SEO you don’t have to invest money, just a lot of time and patience. You should be aware that SEO needs a lot of attention throughout the growth process of your website.

Although it seems simple, SEM can be very challenging. Google is very strict about positioning on the Internet and you must meet many conditions to have a strong effect. Keep in mind that the technique you will be using the most will be SEO because it is essential for ensuring a good website positioning.




It is important that you know the benefits of these two tools.


On-Page VS Off-Page
SEO On-Page VS SEO Off-Page


It is classified by making direct changes in the internal construction of the website to see results in Google searches. In other words, in the development of your website, you must implement patterns that browsers such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing use as a guideline. Keep in mind that Google will not consider your page if you do not utilize the required tools.


For this technique is essential to devote some time. What is done in this part is to make Google see the reputation that your website has. It takes a lot of your time as you should work on social networks. Also, it is advisable to mention your website to other people.


What tools should you implement in the SEO of your website?

We want recommend tools for the optimization, development and positioning of your page.

  • Domain: It is important that the domain name of your website is clear and understandable. This helps users to search for your domain on the Internet.
    In Click Panda, you will find an option where you can place the domain that you are interested in and check if it is available.

    Priority from Google to SEO
    Website growth in Google with SEO
  • Description: When a user is looking for information, the first thing they get is the description to enter this page. If the description is eye-catching and short, summarizing what the user is looking for, the user will be likely to enter that page.
    Keep in mind to give a summary and a detailed description. You can use the Search Console tool to gain insights on how many people click on your page.
  • URL: In the realization of your website remember to have a short URL, also known as a friendly URL. This helps users recognize your website faster.
  • Google Tools: Google offers analytics services that allow you to review, track comments.


Does site security help SEO?

Remember that having your site protected with an SSL certificate helps position your page in browsers. A few years ago, Google decided to only give priority to sites that have SSL certificate in order to ensure safety of users when making purchases over the Internet.

Because of this, we recommend purchasing an SSL certificate service, not only to avoid vulnerabilities or improve the positioning of your page, but also to gain trust from users who visit it.


Click Panda offers a variety of SSL certificate plans for you to keep your website protected. HERE you will find the plans that Click offers.

Besides offering plans for certificates, Click Panda recently launched an SEO plan that comes with many benefits for optimization and positioning of your website. Click HERE to find out more!


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