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Webmail VS Outlook

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Webmail VS Outlook

In the digital world, there is a large percentage of users who have email. Many use Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, and Webmail among others. In this blog, we want to talk a little about the similarities, benefits and some differences that Webmail VS Outlook have.


Webmail VS Outlook cons:

Outlook cons:

  • This mail client is usually slow and has frequent connection failures with the SMTP output protocol.
  • This requires configuration only provided by your email provider.
  • If the configuration is not done correctly it is very likely to block your IP by trying to connect to the server. This can only be unblocked by your mail provider in the firewall of the server they handle.
  • Mails take a long time to be sent and received.
  • You are not connected in real time unless you have a Microsoft account.
  • It is common that HTML content can disorganize itself in some emails you receive.
  • Viruses or malware on your computer can affect the operation of this email client.
  • Some antivirus programs that are installed in the computer block the SMTP protocol, stopping the configuration from synchronizing and blocking the IP Adress.
  • You can only manage mail accounts on the computer that are configured.
  • When the SMTP protocol fails, mails are queued and have to be deleted.

Webmail cons:

  • The space is easily used up and as a result, your email account stops working.
  • Some types of webmail do not allow you to create signatures in images or in HTML; only in plain text.
  • Most webmails give you the tool to schedule appointments or tasks in the calendar.
  • You can only enter one account, ie there is no option to have all the accounts, you must enter one by one.
  • If you don’t have SSL certificates, you don’t have complete email security.
  • If the password is set incorrectly several times, the IP will be blocked in the server’s firewall.


Main functions of Webmail

Webmail is a platform whose function is to manage mail accounts to be used as a mail client through our Internet browser, without having to make configurations as an Outlook mail client.

In Webmail, you don’t have to configure anything, since the platform delivered by the mail providers already has everything configured on the server. Just enter your browser and type:

Webmail handles three types of platforms each of which has some differences. Here are some examples:

Types of Webmail

Types or aplications of Webmail

Types of Webmail

Webmail RoundCube: Contains Drag-and-Drop functions and HTML settings, making it a convenient tool

Horde Webmail: It has advanced filtering options, basic functions, spell check in mail messages and an HTML structure.

Webmail SquirrelMail: This platform is one of the simplest to handle Webmail. Even though the structure is very simple, it is very fast in operation and it downloads less into the inbox.


Main features of Outlook

Outlook works as a mail client and mail provider. Included is a panel to sort and manage your emails in folders, giving the opportunity to categorize these folders so that your emails are organized in them.

Outlook mail client

Outlook mail client

In addition to being able to sort your emails, you can also organize your contacts, task lists, and calendars. In Outlook you have the possibility to have everything in one place. When you configure your first email account it gives you the option to do so.

The settings that need to be configured when adding your email accounts to Outlook are inbound and outbound protocols. The input protocol is by POP and IMAP. When you choose the configuration by POP in your computer this downloads the emails to your computer. In this case, it is advisable to check the articles that Outlook gives you to know where this configuration saves the emails in your computer.

When you configure your account for IMAP the emails stay on the server of your mail provider, ie you can see your emails in Webmail and Outlook, both of which make a backup in your mail provider.

The output protocol is SMTP. When this protocol stops working, we recommend communicating with your provider or validating if all the settings in your Outlook are configured correctly.



It is important to experiment with the new program in order to configure them in the right way right from the beginning. No matter how you configure your program, you will find it simple and easy to use, these are some differences and cons that you find of Webmail VS Outlook.


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