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Optimize your website with Google PageSpeed

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Google PageSpeed

In SEO one of the most important factors is to have speed in our website or as it is commonly known in the digital world, Google PageSpeed, because one of the main objectives of any SEO is that your website appears in the first results and for this is important to use this tool.


What is Google PageSpeed?

It is a Google tool that helps improve the loading time of the website to achieve the shortest time possible. This means that a user entering your website does not encounter problems of slowness.

Fact: Many users that enter a very slow website tend to leave the page in two seconds. Therefore it is recommended that the page shows all its content in milliseconds as this favors the user who wants to enter the page as well as its owner.

It’s function is to provide a diagnosis of the URL we have added. The scores you can achieve with your loading time lie between 0 and 100. You can also consider the difference in the loading speed on a mobile device and a computer.


How can I have a score of 100 on Google PageSpeed insights?

To get a 100 score for loading your website you have to have some ideas or as it is commonly known as Google PageSpeed ​​insights, you must take into account to make a good optimization of your website and this in turn has a good score in Google PageSpeed.

Image Optimization

One of the practices that should be performed is image optimization. You may lose quality but gain speed on your website, ie when you enter it will load the entire page without delay.

Order in the HTML structure in Google PageSpeedHTML structure


HTML Structure

Both Google and your browser need the programming you are adding to have an order that is easier to understand so that there can not be many spaces at the time of tabulating as this affects the load of the web page. It is also important that there is no exaggerated amount of CSS codes and JavaScript because they represent another factor that affects the load of the website.

Blocking JavaScript for viewing images in CSS

Even if you want to avoid programming, for these types of cases is necessary because in the HTML code is important to make a configuration since the CSS or javascript files must go at the bottom in the HTML structuring.

GZIP compression in Google PageSpeedGZIP compression for website loading

When Google PageSpeed sends you an alert it means that the W3 Total Cache option followed by the Enable HTTP (gzip) compression option

Gzip compresion

GZIP compression for website loading

helps to reduce the loading time even more. Usually hosting plans come with this option. In case you can’t enable it in your content manager, there are several articles explaining the activation steps of this tool.

Manage Cache in Google PageSpeed

The cache we refer to is the one that stores part of the information that is in a server or in the navigator such as Firefox, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, among others to store the daily cache. We can observe the performance of our web page and every time a user enters our site, it loads faster.

Which plugin complements Google PageSpeed in WordPress?

Optimization tool

Plugin W3 Total Cache

To get a score of 100 for the loading of your website must have a CMS (Content Manager) in which you can make configurations and install the plugins that will help you with your rating.

Bear in mind that each content manager requires different plugins that must be installed, even though they all serve the same purpose. What happens is that for each CMS there are different plugins. Here I want to inform you about the plugin used for the WordPress content manager.

W3 Total Cache

This plugin allows us to speed up the loading speed of our website or even an application that is only created for blogs. Both the implementation and the download of this plugin are very easy.
To see more information about this plugin you can click HERE.

How to improve the position in the SERPS?

SERPS stands for Search Engine Results Page. This represents the results of all the information we look for on the Internet in the different browsers we use. Consider that the SERPS only gives priority to the best pages that meet the requirements.

In the digital world, everything must be very eye-catching. This is why in the SERPS we find videos, news of interest, products, services, classified images, maps, among others.

  • Don’t focus on text-only links.
  • Try to implement many animations into your page but still provide the right information.
  • Don’t overdo it, as you can quickly lose your users interest.
  • If you have an online store use Google Shopping.
  • Use keywords that have greater relevance and internet.
  • Try fixing the smallest detail of what you’re going to optimize because no matter how small the difference is, it can be significant.


Click HERE for more details about SEO, the types that exist and the differences of each conclusion or the optimization and loading speed.



For websites ,it is recommended to use Google PageSpeed, a tool that alerts or notifies you about other factors you must take into account to get a website that loads in milliseconds getting a score of 100.

For a better performance in Google PageSpeed is recommended to use some of the other tools that Google provides as this gives positioning in the SERPS. Click HERE to find out about how you can connect your website with Google services.


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